Why choose a project manager rather than a main contractor ?

Well that depends where you want your project team to sit. A main contractor is appointed after the client has a detailed design in place and has planning approval. They will typically be employed under a form of contract for a fixed contract sum. This sum will include overheads, labour, plant, materials, a contingency, and a profit margin. They have an incentive to protect or enhance their profit margin through buying gains, value engineered solutions or costly variations to the client. As such, any opportunities for savings revert to the contractor—even if those opportunities are not optimal for their client. As a result, the main contractor’s interests do not always align with those of the client. 

As project managers, we work for a fixed fee, or hourly rate, directly for the client. We are best served to meet—and exceed—the client’s goals for schedule, budget, and quality of construction. Opus can manage the process, provide plans and procure the resources necessary in a collaborative and open-book fashion. Actual costs are accumulated competitively and visibly with no hidden variations or costs. At completion the client pays only those costs plus the project manager’s fee, and as such the projects managers interests align with the client at all times.

Opus have a network of designers, consultants and sub-contractors we work with across the industry to bring together the whole build process. Our construction management services are suitable to clients who wish to appoint designers, consultants and sub-contractors, directly rather than appoint a traditional main contractor. Construction management is a procurement route in which the works are constructed by a number of different trade contractors. These trade contractors are contracted to the employer but managed by a construction manager.

Our Core Aims

  • Provide a clear, transparent and simple procurement process that enables confident decision making to secure a cost effective and timely build that represents good value for money to the client.
  • Deliver professional project management service to replace the main contractors profit margin and overheads in order to achieve a competitive delivery solution.
  • Provide continuity of design by early engagement with design team and offer buildability advice together with value engineered proposals.
  • Provide cost certainty by providing additional tender information and cost planning prior to commencement of the works.
  • Identify significant risks and considerations to clients to enable informed decisions to be made to reduce the risk to the client.
  • Execute the works in a timely, cost effective manner at all times.
  • Promote good standards of Health, Safety and Environmental awareness on site, whilst protecting the clients interest with regards quality standards, commercial awareness, and legal obligations.
  • Provide a work environment of choice, where contractors feel part of the project team.