We understand that every project is unique and that every client is different. Whilst we have detailed structure in our service packages, we also recognize that having a flexible approach on occasions allows the client to play as active a part in the construction of their new property as they may wish, whilst having our support to guide them along the way. 

We have tailored our services into 4 categories. Taken as a whole, the services within these categories typically provide a comprehensive approach from Design Stage 4 through to completion. However, some clients may want to manage some aspects themselves, or may have already instructed some of the services within these packages. Our flexible approach means that you can choose which of the services you require within these packages. For example were you to manage the pre-construction process yourself, and want some help at the point of starting the construction works, then that works for us as well. Wherever you want to us to start and end, we can accommodate your requirements.

Pre-Construction Services

  • Design coordination.
  • Assistance with Building Control / Warranty applications.
  • Initiate surveys and site investigations.
  • Utilities application and coordination.
  • Engage with SAPs and Energy Efficiency providers.
  • Provide a build budget and cost plan.
  • Carry out the notification of project to HSE.
  • Submit section 80 demolition notice to local authority.
  • Provide information to discharge pre-commencement planning conditions.
  • Provide pre-construction health and safety plan.
  • Provide outline programme.
  • Assist with statutory notices and Section agreements.
  • Production of project risk register.


  • Help prepare a materials specification and seek value engineered opportunities.
  • Provide cost estimates.
  • Prepare detailed construction programme. 
  • Provide materials schedule in line with programme.
  • Materials procurement.
  • Sub-contractor procurement. 
  • Provide cost summary of tender and material quotations.
  • Provide Cost Value Reconciliation report.
  • Manage variations and alterations to the design and associated costs.

Opus Project Management

Knowledgeable, Flexible, Practical

Health & Safety

  • Prepare Construction Health and Safety Plan.
  • Provide generic Risk Assessments.
  • Review Sub-contractor Method Statements / Risk Assessments.
  • Provide CDM advice.
  • Monitor and review performance of sub-contractors on site. 
  • Issue and carry out on site tool-box talks.
  • Manage and maintain a safe working environment.
  • Prepare client Health and Safety File.

Construction Management

  • Set up site welfare facilities.
  • Arrange temporary builders supplies.
  • Manage labour, materials and plant.
  • Place orders and call off materials in line with programme.
  • Manage build process and design issues.
  • Ensure compliance with building regulations.
  • Liaise with third parties and design team.
  • Provide progress reports.
  • Carry out quality inspections of works.
  • Arrange for Air Testing / Sound Testing and EPCS.
  • Issue information to building control to achieve practical completion.
  • Snag, test and commission and arrange final inspections.
  • Provide meter readings to energy suppliers at handover.